Peninsula Apartments

The Skotdal family started out in the Northwest as many families in the 1890's did — Scandinavian immigrants working in the dairy industry. In the 1960's Art and Marianne Skotdal charted a new course: they decided to live on her teacher's salary and invest Art's earnings into real estate — all in their hometown of Everett. The couple purchased small apartment buildings and worked nights and weekends, scrubbing, painting and improving each of the properties.

With the help of their two sons, Andy and Craig, the family expanded into commercial real estate, helping to revitalize Everett's downtown area one building at a time. Over the years, the Skotdals' real estate portfolio has grown, but their promise to take care of their customers and invest in their community remains the same. Skotdal Real Estate is committed to improving the quality of life in Everett through renovation and construction of exceptional places for people to live, work and play.